FTP/SSL for Java

Zehon FTP/SSL Features

Zehon FTP/SSL for Java is a versatile file-transfer component for Java language. It allows you to transfer files directly from your application using FTP/SSL, an extension of FTP which is fast becoming a standard for secure FTP. This protocol is also known as FTPS or FTP over TLS and is defined by RFC 4217. The name Secure FTP is used to refer to this protocol as well, although this can also mean SFTP, which is a different protocol that runs over SSH - we provide an SFTP component as well.


Secure your FTP transfers using TLS and SSL protocol

FTP/SSL enhances the standard FTP protocol by utilizing the well known and widely used TLS and SSL protocol. TLS 1.0 and its predecessor SSL 3.0 provide strong authentication, integrity and confidentiality on both the control and data channels. This is achieved by using RSA or DSA public key cryptography to authenticate the server (or even the client) and to negotiate the encryption method and symmetric keys to be used to encrypt your data. There are many FTP servers that support FTP/SSL (FTPS) and their number is growing constantly.


Upload from memory, download folders & more...

Upload data directly to your server without creating temporary disk files.  Transfer the whole folder using a single line of code. Open a remote file as a stream and work with it as if it was accessible locally. Monitor upload and download status and progress using custom events.

Major Zehon FTP/SSL for Java features

  • Easy-to-use with maximum flexibility
  • Supports Java 1.3 and up.
  • Folder tranfers including all files and subfolders.
  • Move and copy  all files and subfolders.
  • Many samples

Feature list

  • 100% managed code.
  • Stable and thoroughly tested code.
  • Zehon FTP/SSL for Java is designed for ease of use from your code. Check online samples or download samples and the component for free.
  • Support for asynchronous operations.
  • Batch file transfer - transfer a complete directory tree or a group of files corresponding to the specified mask.
  • Upload and download to or from memory.
  • Active and passive transfer modes.
  • Binary and ASCII transfers.
  • All common firewalls are supported.
  • Special class for manipulating file and directory listings. Wildcards, regular expressions and symlinks supported.
  • Creating and deleting files and folders.
  • Events and delegates for effortless integration with hosting applications.
  • Can be used in both client and server applications.
  • Stream support - read from and write to remote files on the fly.
  • Monitor downloads with the progress event feature.
  • Error handling with Java exceptions.
  • Compliant with RFC 959, RFC 1579 and many common extensions.

Supported file and directory listing formats

  • Unix ls (ProFTPd, Wu-FTPd, Microsoft FTP and many others)
  • DOS (Microsoft FTP and others)
  • Netware
  • DJ Bernstein's EPLF
  • glFTPd ansi-colored list
  • VMS and MultiNet (both single and multiline)
  • IBM 4690
  • support for custom list parsers

Supported proxy servers

  • Socks4
  • Socks4a (Socks4 with domain name resolving)
  • Socks5
  • HTTP proxy CONNECT method (ftp://user:password@site)
  • FTP/SSL SITE (SITE with logon)
  • FTP/SSL USER/PASS (USER user@firewall@hostname / PASS pass@firewallpass)

Recommended and tested FTP and FTP/SSL servers

Also works with

  • ProFTPd
  • Wu-FTPd
  • BlackMoon FTP Server
  • Gene6 FTP Server
  • anonftp/publicfile
  • glFTPd
  • GlobalScape Security Server
  • Bullet Proof
  • Serv-U FTP Server (by Rhino Software)
  • War Ftp
  • WS_FTP Server (by Ipswitch)
  • Ocean FTP Server (1.02 and higher) (by Code Ocean)
  • Raiden FTPD
  • large number of public FTP servers

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